Two students from a public school in Jundiaí, a city near São Paulo, had the chance to be Mayor for one day as the result of a partnership between “Cidade em Jogo”, the City of Jundiaí and the Department of Education of the State of São Paulo.

The project discussed issues related to citizenship and political education and encouraged youngsters to be a more engaged and participatory citizens in their local realities.



The project has as its starting point with “Cidade em Jogo”, an online game that challenges students to take on the role of the mayor and choose the best public policies for their city. After playing, high school students gather in groups to think about real solutions to the challenges of the specific context of their city or neighborhood.

The solutions proposed by the students then passed through an examining board formed by the school board, the “Cidade em Jogo” team and the City Hall. After their projects were selected, Beatriz Flores and Emily de Souza, both 14, had the opportunity to present to the mayor their proposals for reducing criminality in their neighborhood and to meet with public managers to design real projects for the region.

Two other public schools in the county are also involved and will complete their projects in order to also be “Mayors for a day” by the end of June.


JORNAL TVTEC | 04/09/2018